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At Kong Holds, we understand the unique needs of climbers, gyms, and outdoor enthusiasts. Our commitment to excellence is embodied in our meticulously selected climbing holds, macros, and volumes that cater to all skill levels.

Kong Holds is more than a retailer; we're your partner in reaching new summits and achieving your and your customer's climbing goals.

If you're looking to bulk buy your next order then here is where you will find all the Order forms and Workbooks, you can take your climbing endeavors to new heights.

Explore our extensive selection of climbing holds designed for both indoor and outdoor climbing enthusiasts.

From beginner-friendly holds to advanced Macros, our products are crafted with precision and durability, ensuring a safe and exhilarating climbing experience.

Experience the thrill, master the techniques, and climb with confidence – because at Kong Holds, we've got your ascent covered.

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Learn more Information about the Brands we work with:

KONG Holds is an offshoot of the highly respected and innovative Kong Climbing,who have been building climbing walls as the UK’s leading manufacturer for 27 years. We are passionate about providing our customers with some exciting new brands for the UK market.

Our holds are inspired by our surroundings in the Lake District,we have carved the shapes through our experiences hanging from the different rock types that this area has to offer.

Rock carved by the ice, the wind and rain over millions of years have been lovingly reproduced for climbers of the 21stcentury.All our holds are designed in the UK and manufactured by our experienced partners worldwide. We hold a large UK stock of holds which are available for immediate dispatch, meaning you can get the holds you want on your wall, quicker than ever.

Whether you want holds for your home wall or climbing centre, we have the experience and shapes to set your route setting inspiration alight.


In 2023, KONG Climbing where approached by Filth to continue the ongoing support and distribution of the Filth holds brand. Now for 2024 KONG climbing will be supplying FILTH holds as part of our Core range of holds.

Years of commercial setting have taught FILTH many things. Most importantly,we know climber enjoyment is critical for your success. Here at Filth. We’ve designed a range of climbing holds to keep all your clients comingback. Our holds are perfect for all angles, provide unique, eye-catchingshapes, and are suitable for all abilities.

Designed by professional setters in Sheffield, UK, Filth. holds have beenmeticulously tested to select the optimal material to provide the bestgrip and longest lasting texture possible. All while also being strongenough to last through countless laps and nasty problems.

In the enchanting world of climbing holds, Agripp's journey began in 1991 amidst the artistic aura of Brussels, crafting the inaugural climbing holds in the workshop of a sculptor grandfather. Agripp's roots intertwine with the climbing community as they pioneered bouldering competitions in Belgium during the late '90s, setting the stage for what would become Agripps' renowned climbing gym, Roc'House.

While cherishing tradition, we've navigated the evolutionary currents. From crafting clay masters with a nod to tradition until 2017, we now embrace PU foam, aligning with contemporary standards for swifter and more refined shapes. Enter the sleek and competitive realm of the "Dune" range, a testament to Agripps' continuous evolution.

The recent unveiling of Agripps' dual-texture range marks a pivotal chapter. With a focus on precision and technical prowess, these holds promise to elevate the art of route tuning, unlocking a realm of more intricate and nuanced movements.

Picture the brilliance of shiny and polished surfaces harmonizing with diverse textures – this collection presents a kaleidoscope of possibilities. As Agripps forges ahead, the commitment remains unwavering: to deliver the best in climbing innovation, transcending boundaries and inviting climbers into a realm of endless exploration.

ArtLine's story is intricately woven with Brice Anziutti's visionary journey since its inception in 2011. Brice's groundbreaking idea shifted the paradigm by breaking away from outdoor climbing conventions, inspiring holds designed to beckon climbers rather than mimic nature.

In the decade that followed, ArtLine stood as a pioneering brand, boldly demarcating the boundaries between indoor and outdoor climbing. Upholding the mantra of "Unique Shapes," we've remained a beacon of originality, consistently launching inventive products.

Brice's influence extends beyond leadership; he nurtured a collective of setters, forming ArtLab in 2019. This marked a turning point, accompanied by a visual identity revamp, signaling the onset of a new era. Join us on this exciting journey into the future, where each hold encapsulates our passion and commitment to climbing excellence.

Arctic Logo

From Trondheim, Norway, an Aussie, a Nordlending, and a Trønder (with a touch of Stavanger) take a coffee break from their weekly route-setting session, sparking a conversation that birthed Arctic Grips. This dynamic trio, fueled by impatience and ambition, set out to innovate boulder problems, propelling the company onto the global stage.

Arctic Grips aims beyond local acclaim, envisioning itself as a global hub for avant-garde climbing holds. Fusing skills from carpentry, bike repair, and the arts, the team dances on the edge of challenges, rooted in their Northern heritage. Each hold, a testament to their passion, is a blend of craftsmanship and inspiration, where tradition meets innovation in the exhilarating world of climbing

With over two decades of expertise in outdoor climbing and artificial wall development, Digital's holds cater to beginners and world champions alike. Digital shapers, serving as creators, competitors, and pedagogues, bring a wealth of knowledge to the brand. This diverse expertise enables us to craft holds that are both visually appealing and technically advanced, perfectly tailored to the desires and requirements of climbers and route setters. In the world of Digital, each ascent is a seamless blend of art and functionality.

New for 2024, Digital is releasing two new lines to add to there successful Cha and Brother Ranges. The Slenders pictured above need no comment, these curvy holds and macro are a joy to hold and the expanded Metrix Range will have all your competition needs fulfilled.

Ibex is a climbing company based in Greece shaping climbing holds for climbing walls around the world.

For the last 10 years IBEX is growing, evolving and getting better in many fields. They take holds manufacture very seriously that’s why in the ranges you will find some of the best dual texture holds in the industry.

Furthermore, IBEX apply safety standards, anatomically correct design, smooth texture to protect your skin and many other cool features on every hold we produce. As Dario's Stefanou (IBEX's shaper) work is admirable by many, we are often asked to design holds for other brands. After shaping more than 2500 unique shapes IBEX can offer you the most suitable hold for your needs.

New for 23/24 IBEX have introduced the BETA Range, these holds aim to bring the fun back into climbing, BETA holds are multipurpose, they are playful, you flip them around and you get a different grip. They also serve as a great way for climbers to experience the thrill of a steep overhang or routing roof as the rounded profile and classic soft IBEX texture means you can learn the techniques without destroying your hands

The most popular brand worldwide, HRT is the global leader in the climbing hold industry with more than 2400 unique climbing holds and over 150 climbing wall volumes in various sizes. Not only does HRT have a huge number of designs, but the company is also at the forefront of technological developments in the climbing hold industry, producing innovations over the past decade including the HRT Safety System, the Universal Bolt Insert, Bolt Plugs, One-size Bolts and Surface Hardening.

If you haven't heard of SupR by now, then you are missing out on one of the biggest upcoming brands of this generation. They have featured heavily in all recent IFSC competitions

Sup’r is the creation of two passionate climbers with complementary skills who have been climbing alltheir lives and wish to continue helping and growing the climbing community.

Gautier Supper is a World Cup winner from France who reached the pinnacle of indoor sports climbingand inspired many with his success.His repertoire includes coachingthe national team of China, being a seasoned routesetter, placing Sup’r wooden volumes at World Cupcompetitions, and launching several successful businesses.

Gautier’s business partner is an artist who has traveled widely and worked in business across the globewhile propagating the climbing culture wherever he went.

The SupR range is ever-expanding, with something to suit all styles of climbing from beginner to expert, a must-have in any centre

Vertex design is a brand with its own recognizable vision. The lines of holds and volumes are distinguishable, made with knowledge and regard about indoor climbing and climbers.

Vertex design’s main goal is to achieve optimal functionality of the product while being in line with the modern trends in climbing and embracing the aesthetic beauty and harmony of the shape. The clean and clear structure, variety of grips and combinations of Vertex products offer the route setter the possibility to create countless climbing routes with ease.Vertex has opted to design and construct double texture volumes with a line that increases the difficulty and precision of climbing while stimulating the creativity of the route setter. Vertex volumes are offered both in normal and dual texture or even full glossy. Variety of colors and trendy mat vision.

Vertex climbing holds use the latest, revolutionary Polyurethane resin Dannomond. It’s a high-performance pure Polyurethane, used primarily in the production of indoors climbing holds. Characteristics like higher wear resistance, bright colors, dry soft texture and endurance make it the first choice material for Vertex climbing holds. Route setters and gym owners alike appreciate the long life and the ease of route it achieves.

Founded in 1996 in the Lubéron region of France, VOLX, named after a renowned sport crag, quickly established itself as a pioneering climbing hold manufacturer. Boasting over 2400 models, we focus on design, texture, and functionality, catering to climbers' diverse needs.

All Volx products are "Made in France," upholding a commitment to quality.

Innovation is Volx's driving force. From enhancing their KISS procedure to improving safety features and introducing new materials, they continually evolve. Volx's commitment extends to environmental responsibility, promoting local suppliers, eco-friendly resins, waste reduction, recycling, and efficient transportation.

As Volx embarks on the reVOLXution, their dedication to providing satisfaction through surprise remains unwavering.

New for 2024, Volx introduces the VolXume, product range combine the best qualities of PU and PE. the Aesthetic design and technology of Dual Tecture, the Abrasion Resistance of PE on the Gripping part and the lightness and shock resistance of PU and the best part is its repairable as the PE part can be retextures adding Value to the product