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Sparked in Trondheim, Norway, an Australian, a Nordlending and a Trønder, (with a dash of Stavanger in there also), we're having a well-deserved coffee break from their weekly route setting session; impatient creativity, and ambition to spice up their boulder problems inspired a conversation leading up to the launch of Arctic Grips.

Aiming to be a local, yet global provider of handcrafted, inspiring new school climbing holds, we are excited to see the launch of our little company fitting timely into the boasting movement of the climbing community both locally and abroad.

Using our years of experience as both route setters and climbers, with a slightly odd and mixed background from carpentry, bike repair and audio/visual arts, we hope to meet the demand for progressive and inspiring new climbing holds. Keeping our northern roots alive whilst converting our inspirations, lead by the spectacularism of nature, into indoor climbing holds can -and should be a daunting task- and we do it in awe.

Hong Kong-based InCurvo uses creative minds from around the world to create clean, comfortable and interesting shapes. Their holds currently span 4 collections, Wild, Geom, Free and Wave, with more to follow in 2021. Incurvo is a brand launched by a team of enthusiast entrepreneurs and industry experts, passionate about climbing.
Dynamic climbing moves have inspired the brand name. Indeed, when such a dynamic move is performed, the body gets curved in order to absorb the energy of the move.
Independently of their origin, we have five key pillars for our shapes: directionality, functionality, aesthetics, variety and comfort.

Incurvo’s shapes are part of themed collections. Each collection has a unique feel, and we love to unveil regularly new collections that will serve your purpose.

Ibex is a climbing company based in Greece shaping climbing holds for climbing walls around the world.

For the last 10 years, IBEX is growing, evolving and getting better in many fields. We have managed to offer you the best quality of climbing holds by using the best materials available both in Polyester (PE) and Polyurethane (PU). We take holds manufacture very seriously that’s why in our range you will find some of the best dual texture holds of the industry. Furthermore, we apply safety standards, anatomically correct design, smooth texture to protect your skin and many other cool features on every hold we produce. As Dario’s Stefanou (our shaper) work is admirable by many, we are often asked to design holds for other brands. After shaping more than 2500 unique shapes IBEX can offer you the most suitable hold for your needs.

The most popular brand worldwide, HRT is the global leader in the climbing hold industry with more than 2400 unique climbing holds and over 150 climbing wall volumes in various sizes. Not only does HRT have a huge number of designs, but the company is also at the forefront of technological developments in the climbing hold industry, producing innovations over the past decade including the HRT Safety System, the Universal Bolt Insert, Bolt Plugs, One-size Bolts and Surface Hardening.

Vertex Design is a company with a different image. Vertex Climbing Holds have a unique design, which combines worship of nature and pure imagination. Vertex is an up and coming manufacturer based in Bulgaria that has an already established range of handholds and is now pushing into the world of macro and volumes with some great shapes.

Every hold in the KONG range is produced from hand-carved moulds designed by experienced and time served professionals. Each individual hold is crafted to give the ultimate artificial climbing experience. From highly-detailed footholds to beginner-friendly jugs, ergonomics and workmanship is maintained confirming our high standards and commitment to great quality. With 21 different sets in the range totalling 394 individual holds, you’re guaranteed to find the right holds for your needs. Available in 18 standard colours with bespoke options for a custom look.

Over 20 years of experience in both outdoor climbing and in the development of artificial walls characterizes Digital’s creation. Our holds are designed to enable beginners to world champions. Our Shapers evolve envisaging shapes and concepts to climb. They are creators of experiences, competitors and pedagogue.

This compilation of knowledge is a strong asset for our brand, making it possible to create both appealing and technical holds that are perfectly matched to the desires and requirements of climbers and route setters.

Agripp was founded by Philippe Ceulemans who started shaping the first climbing holds in 1991 in Brussels in the workshop of his grandfather who was a sculptor. Our passion for holds and routesetting led us to organise the first bouldering competitions in Belgium at the end of the 90's in our climbing gym Roc'House.

Initially we remained close to our roots with the use of clay masters (traditional) until 2017. Nowadays, we have embraced the modern era and carve from PU foam that corresponds to the current standard and allows us to achieve better shapes quicker and with better detail.
Recently we have introduced a full range of dual-texture which we hope will offer routesetters even more choice and the ability to set more precise and technical movements.